How long til' you go?


Plan to visit a different country every year, but I always scratch those plans and fly to Ibiza instead. lol. Just can't resist that place. Like a magnet!

2013 - Planned for Malta. Went to Ibiza.
2014 - Planned for Cyprus. Went to Ibiza.
2015 - Planned for Chicago. Went to Ibiza.
2016 - Planned for Florida. Went to Ibiza.
2017 - Planned for Benidorm. Went to Ibiza.
2018 - Planned for Australia. Went to Ibiza.

The same thing happens every year. I keep tabs on the best summer deals around the world. Search the best hotel reviews, work out the budget, save up, and list the pros and cons for the holiday, buy clothes and get fit, and right before I book the holiday I just think of Ibiza again and that's it! An overwhelming urge to return to Ibiza comes back and I find myself booking another flight. :p I'm planning to visit Malta this year, but I know I will receive that wonderful email again - 'Congratulations! You're on your way to Ibiza.' Might need therapy to get over Ibiza. :D - But why? I love it there!
years back, my other half wanted to try somewhere else
Salou - got a nice place to stay but it was not the place to stay for us - no nice bars to just sit, listen to good music and relax

just over 5 months till i go now


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We've learned to make.the best wherever we go..the sun rises and set just find where you want to be east or'll find that special bar if you look hard enough..:)
Got a bit over excited booking my holidays off work and I overestimated and went way over my allowed annual leave.. oops haha.. so am going to give May's trip a miss as much as it devastates me to do so but I have so much on this year, OH is going to the wedding for both of us as he knows the grooms better than me :( so only 23 weeks, 1 day and 23 hours until we go in July woo hoo!!