how long are you going for.



a week


or planning to work and stay longer.

how long do you think is ideal time for hols in ibiza.
two weeks for me as well

i would like to give a whole month a go.

not work just on holiday
Not long enough!

Originally 7 days, but changed it to 10 days to fit Space Sundays closing, but now I'm gonna hassle my work for 14 days as I've worked out I could afford it now I have a (much) better paid job - and that means I could fit in the Subliminal closing too 8)
Haven't booked yet, but will be going for 2 weeks.

Feel that's the right amount of time as longer and your bank manager will start phoning you up. Personally, a week just isn't long enough, especially if you want to explore the island and have a break from clubbing.
dos weeks.

lol, has anyone heard that song, El Simbolo - Uno, Dos, Tres. reminds me of majorca.
Only a week this year :cry:

... but I think we'll make the most of it:

Sat: Hed Kandi
Sun: Space
Mon: DC10, Release Yourself
Tue: Underwater
Wed: Subliminal
Thu: MOS
Fri: Home early Sat

Gimme, gimme, gimme ... 3 weeks and i'll b there :lol: :lol: :lol:
I normally go for 10 days but this year I have saved more and am now going for 2 weeks!!! Still not long enough though.........
3 weeks me! have saved and saved and dedicated my money to ibiza this year!

sorry has to be done

(also if money stretches that little bit further might make it an extra week, so will be a MONTH!!! WOW)
Just come back from 1 week, going again 15/6 for 11nts then again 18/7 for 5 nights...... that's it so far could be more!!........
not long enuf for me either 7 days...but the best parties :)