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How is the wheather on september?I was there end of the august and it was fine...but in september?How is it?Second and third week on september?Cheers!
This is true, and maybe just coincidence, perhaps Stephen can confirm or deny. The last two years we have gone for the 1st week of September. In 2001, as we came in to land there was an almighty storm, took 3 attempts to land :( Last year we arrived the day b4 a storm. The reps said there were always storms at the start of September?? Funnily enough, they always seem to happen through the night.

Wether is just right for us, not too hot, just perfick.
I have been for the last week in September for the last two years. Generally the weather is good with temp around 20 - 25 degrees. But as was said in a previous message there is some storms.
In 2001, we got caught in a thunder and lightning storm when trying to land also. It was a small Iberia plane coming from Madrid and lightning hit the plane twice. Ive never been so scared in my life. I thought it was the end. It didnt help having a group of girls in front of us shouting "We're all going to die!!"
I was there for 2 weeks (1st Sep - 15th Sep) and the weather was fantastic in my opinion, it rained once for about 30 mins or so. Someone told me the weather was a bit rough a day or two before 1st Sep
weather isn't one of my main preoccupations living here. it does what it does and there's nothing you can do about it.
having said that i bought a new umbrella on saturday and confidently predicted that it wouldn't rain till 2004 - and would you believe it, as soon as i put my washing on the roof to dry, it threw it down.
she's in england until the middle of march. the washing has always been my area of expertise though!

Amazing how long one pair of shorts and one Tshirt will last when necessary :lol:
Take care and pass on my regards to the other half when you get a chance.