How is Ibiza around Spring break (March)


s o l182

I have question i've never been to Ibiza and I was wondering during the month of March when students are on spring break is it an unforgetable trip or is it normal because its the off season
If you are looking for clubs and general buzz from the place, dont go in March. Spring Break is mainly an American thing so you do not get students in Europe (en masse) going away for a "Spring Break," so therefor all the clubbing resorts are relatively quiet.

But Ibiza begins to get warm again around March and it can be quite nice but would be pretty dead.

Better off sticking to Cancun!!!
if your going to plan your first trip to the magical white isle then DEFINATELY go during one of the summer months for the full experience. march would be pretty dead. mainly just the locals and i think the only club that would be open would be es paradise which is definately not one of the better of clubs on the island in my opinion. you could see the full beauty of the island but if its a bit of a mad clubbing holiday your planning then put it off til a few months later. hope it helps
Yeah! Don't go in March. Forget spending or might I say wasting your money on a Spring Break trip to the white isle in March or any lame American spring break destination for that matter. Wait until the summer season (June through September) and go to Ibiza then. Oh, and let me just tell you it's not a wet t-shirt contest, hideous array of drunken mindless baffoons (well maybe a few in San Antonio). It's a Mecca for clubbers and electronic music lovers. So, it's nothing like Cancun. It's probably more naked, but in a good way. It's chilled and friendly and meaningful. It's my Mecca! It's my favortie place on Earth and I hope you will go at the right time and relaize that Ibiza is life and Cancun and spring break destinations suck! Good Luck and Enjoy! :D

PS: You will never want to go to any hideous, lame meaningless USA based spring break ever agian after you experience Ibiza during the summer! :lol: You'll scoff at the idea! :lol: