How is Carl Cox's night at space


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Trying to decide whether to go to Coxy or Underwater on Tuesday night (among other tough decisions). I will be going to Space on the Sunday, so wondering whether i should mix it up.

Is his night at Space popular this year..........any thoughts on Underwater?

Why do the big nights clash damn it. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are very tough to decide. The only definites for me at this stage are Space on Sundays and Pacha Friday.....the rest are up in the air.
If you get there between 8 and 9pm it's free! However you'll end up spending your entry fee on drinks ;)
I've just come back (Cox wasn't playing then) so went to underwater. Class night but Carl Cox for free :!: I'd say you'll have to go see the 3 deck maestro!
great stuff!

rammed inside with fantastic atmosphere. dj vibe was the business (fast becoming one of my favourites, and i've ony heard him twice ;-) and later cox was his usual self.

i can't believe how many people they got in there when the rest of the island is suffering... (there were a lot of free tickets flying about though)

looks like this night will be success like last year
I think the terrace is open until 12, then they open inside.

James, where did you see the free tickets? :confused:
gecko2 said:
I think the terrace is open until 12, then they open inside.

James, where did you see the free tickets? :confused:

I mean when they open for Carl Cox night. Do they open the terrace too?
yes the terrace is open from 8 until 12 midnight, but carl only plays the last hour (at least on tuesday he did)

nowhere in particular, but some of my friends had some from a completely random source, which i thought was indicative of their being rather common

they were only free entry until 12 midnight though - allthough because the queue was so big they relented on the door and let everyone in free until almost 1 am
i was there at 22:00 , dj vibe was djing and it was the most boring set
i heard in years ... only 4 people dancing in the terrace , and hundreds
just standing waiting for something to happen ... and the sound was
very low , im sure that space has to low the sound in the terrace in
the nights , but it make the athmosphere really boring ...
we went home at 23:30 because carl cox wasnt anywhere , and people
were begining to scream some things like .. ' we want the black man
to play !!! '
we will give him another chance , but no more ...
technoboy, that's such a shame, i only got there at 1 am adn it was kicking. friends of mine went just before midnight.

you really missed inside later :-(

i can imagine dj vibe might not be the ideal terrace dj though ;-)
well , we went to cocoon , and have one of the biggest parties of
my life , then space carry on , then more in the beach next to my
house , and then we went to carl cox without sleep ... i wasnt able to
wait until 1 am , but the truth is that the terrace sucked !
The terrace is closed for most of Carl Cox's night. He's just on at the start and then all the action moves inside and it gets nice and heavy.

I quite enjoyed just having the terrace to chill and be able to move about unlike with Sundays at Space.
If you're around then, make sure you catch him on Tuesday 2nd September with Laurent Garnier which should be pretty special.