How dou you cure from the post Ibiza blues?


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Can't help it :cry:
I think about the fun, the music, the lack of sleep, the stupid clapping at the sunset bars, the girls @ The Sin, etc.
that's the best you can do.
until when you're staying liam???

1 night only this time Stivi. Going to dinner with friends at Pacha, into the club for Defected, then home tomorow. :p

I was there 2 weeks ago for the weekend, and hopefully going back weekend of the 26th for the Space closing. You there this weekend mate ??

So what dates will you be there in the coming 3 weeks mate?

See above mate, not definite yet, but looking likely for Space closing, when do you guys leave ??
I hate u guys! you write so casually of going back there for the weekend, while I', stuck here some 4000 miles away in the Florida heat.
At least some of Ibiza will come to Orlando, I just got tickets to Tiesto and his "Kaledoscope" tour. I didn't see him @ Privilege, so it should be a treat.
I'll write my review tomm with pics
Seriously, book it again!

Get researching now where you are going to stay.

Make an OCDish list of all the things you must do and in what order, all ready to go out the window as soon as you have a beer.