How do you find long-term property rental?


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I’m planning to spend a year in Ibiza and I’m looking for somewhere for my wife and I to rent. The idea is to rent out my place in Edinburgh and, hopefully, that’ll cover whatever it costs on the island. I’ve looked at all the property websites I can find and they’re all geared to sales or short-term lets and therefore pretty expensive. What I’m hoping to find is somebody who wants a guaranteed income from their property for a little longer than July and August. It’s a question of where to look.

I was thinking of taking ads out in the local newspapers, perhaps translated into several languages to make sure I’ve covered all possibilities. Does anybody have any other suggestions?

We’re both pretty respectable (if being a journalist is respectable!) Well, we’re not teenagers who are going to trash the place anyway. My plan is to continue writing – some of you may have seen my piece about Ibiza for The Scotsman newspaper as it was posted here – but not just about the dance scene. I make most of my living as a technology writer and I reckon I can do that somewhere a bit warmer than here in Scotland. Most of the time my work’s done by phone or email. So that’s all I need really, a place with a phone and a couple of bedrooms. It doesn’t really matter where it is, although the West End doesn’t appeal too much.