How busy is it this year?



Is it any busier than last year (which itself seemed to be a bit quiet)?

ta ta
I was really really shocked when we arrived in San An at approx. 5 am ..... it was DEAD! I thought ... "Bloomin heck, we sure have come out of season" ...

How wrong was I ?

We were awoken at around 6.30 am by all the drunken people coming back !
Indeed ........ HOWEVER, we got into the stride a couple of days later when WE came in at 8.30 am ..... I totally enjoyed being a YOBBO and yelling and shouting back at them!
I dunno how was last year because I skipped it. This year seems busy. I was in Ibiza at the end of June, this season was picking up. However, Space, Pacha, El Divino ,manumission and even Amnesia were packed with some space to move . year 2001 was better but I can't really tell beacuse in 2001 I went in peak season (late August).
there wasnt as many piss heads around as last time i went but the clubs are just as busy as i remember them. i like it when its not so rammed though
This year was my first on the island and I was suprised. Although we went out in the middle of June, I thought that the begining of the season would have kicked in and the island would be rammed. It was no where near as busy as I expected it to be.

I think that I preffered it like that.
the popular venues are as full as last year, but most of the rest of the island is suffering. particularly bars and restaurants

worst hit areas are the bay of san antonio and santa eulalia / es cana

of course this only refers to early and late season - everywhere is chockablock now
went in june last year for the opening parties
went last week this year and found a lot more people about esp in the west end

eden pacha and amnesia all seemed to packed
I was last year in Ibiza late june early july... comparing it to my other 3 years before, was it not really busy... (although I can't compare with 2 of the 3 years, because those were in late july)

I am now looking around for last minute holidays to Ibiza (yeah yeah, I simpy can't resist it), and there are enough possibilities.... although I remember from my first 2 years that it was fully booked during the whole summer.