How Big Is Trance/uplifting In The Uk At The Moment?

Still really popular, just not like the in the heyday around 1998 and Gatecrasher was rammed out every wk.

Gatecrasher is monthly now, Godskitchen isn't filled to capacity every wk but when they pull the big names out the places are rammed.
uhh sorry Barbie, i may have lived in the UK and speak the language pretty well but what the devil does rammed mean ?? LOL* HAHA! :p
Ibiza-girlie said:
uhh sorry Barbie, i may have lived in the UK and speak the language pretty well but what the devil does rammed mean ?? LOL* HAHA! :p

Lol, do you really not know, soz I think it's me, I just make words up as I go along!

Rammed is busy! A few wks back I saw Tiesto @ Gatecrasher @ Heaven and the place was heaving, same for Armin @ The Gallery but when it's not the as big names capacities are down.
haha ok! understand at work now and let me tell ya´this place aint rammed!!! its completely empty so the only thing I do is stand here and write posts, surtf on the net and drink gallons of water to make my skin look forever young hahaha!!!!
Trance will never be as big as it was, it peaked in 98/99 and in my opinion most of the trance music released nowadays is arse. Here in the UK (it maybe the same elsewhere) there's a lot of chart trance which makes me sick as it gives trance music a bad name, although there are many great trance producers who are either quiet or have moved on to do different things.

But I do still like the older trance, more goa type, like what Oakenfold and Rampling was playing around 95 to 97.
Trance will never go away!

I have to disagree with Trance never being the same. I agree that a lot of stuff on charts is more of commercial dance type of stuff that confuses people with trance, people who don't know much about this type of music, you know? I personally cann't call "Heaven" by Dj Sammy adn Yanou trance, it's dance to me, unless i'm crazy
But getting to my point, djs like PvD and Tiesto and Ferry Corsten are topping the Dj mags (Tiesto being #1 this year), and they all play awesome trance, so i dont' think it will ever go away. It might change along the way but I am totally gonna be heartbroken if it won't sound the same 5 years from now. :( :cry:
yeah but some of today's 'trance' djs are playing trance songs from the yesteryears, is that not proof that trance songs are not as good as they were
The Situation with Trance is Bad in the Uk
I used to like trance I got into it when i was Djing in Spain in 1997
It was massive in the Uk in 1998 1999 and started fading out in 2000
Basically the music got worse and pop trance appeared.
Also it became harder or more repetitive, a lot of people who liked trance then went off to the harder clubs or the more progressive clubs.
The Big trance clubs like Cream Gate Crasher Golden e.t.c have all suffered and are rarely open these days.
There are still many smaller clubs playing good trance and techno but its not as big as it was and seems to be getting smaller at the moment.
At the end of the day good music is good music. I think when trance was huge in 98 and 99 the clubs like gatecrasher were fun. You could dress up like a nutter and go mental. These days its not as much fun.
I like House music, which could be a lot of things, people say techno and i say well it sounds like house to me. People say trance and i think well that sounds like house to me too.
If i like it, i like it if i don't, i don't regardless of what catagory sub catogory or sub sub catagory they put it in.
I must admit i don't like my music too fast or too minimal.
I LOVE trance big time, but these days as others have said for the nights to be busy they need to stick the big names on as people don't want to go to trance nights week after week.

I think that there is a lot of good new trance coming out but it's all a variation on a theme I suppose and a lot of people have just moved on to other types of music. It's all I ever listen to and I can't imagine being into any of the other forms of dance music, I can obviously listen to them but they do nothing for me and dont put a big smile on my face like the trance does.

I'm slightly disappointed that I will only get to go to 2 big trance nights this year and then I'll go to Space (coz my friends and b/f want to go) I hate the San An clubs so am not even going to go near them this year. It is hopefully going to mean though that I'm going to be in a fit state to experience more of the other aspects of the island as I've wasted a lot of the time I've spent on the island in the past.