How are they ....


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I would like to know how are the women in Ibiza ? Are they pretentious and stuck up ?

Are they down to party and have a little fun -_-

How do they look from 1-10 ? lol
Funnily enough I found myself watching a Boule (or whatever) tournament,just along from El Divino last year !!
yep, sounds like me.......pretentious, stuck up, somewhere between 1 and 10......and i'm an ibiza woman too. :rolleyes:

if only there were more guys like you and steve on the island.:lol:

Delusional, (or is it deuce bigalo), surely youve gotta realise what a crass question youve asked (or is it tongue in cheek), you aint american by any chance?:eek::lol:
My money is on him being a 18yr old virgin... Probably called Earl.... And no, having a roll around in the hay with a cousin doesn't count!! ;)

Just messing, got nothing but love for the yanks - well those that know there is another world other than the mighty U S of A.. f*ck yeah!!!!

My advice mate - like myself is just wait till you get out there and be the judge yourself... Plus get enough 'liquor' down you and I doubt you'll be judging personalites! :twisted:
Alright people (Moha, lcoverdale) - no American would ask such a stupid question!

I'm guessing British... probably northern :lol: :p ;)