How about a bit of sightseeing between clubs ? Any tips ?


Thiago from Brazil

Hello everybody, :)

I have already checked the clubbing calendar and planned the sequence of DJs and parties I am attending. It´s going to be a real tough job but I´ll do it !

However, I realized that, apart from clubbing, I don´t know what to do on the island. I read some reviews saying the whole place is beautiful and everyone ought to save a day to explore and do some tourism. I can´t go back to Brazil clubbed to death but without having felt what that famous balearic vibe is all about !

I´d love you to give me some advice on things I can´t miss. I´m staying (in I-Town) from Sep 1st to Sep 11nd, so as to be able to do some proper tourism as well.

To get started I´d like to know...
- Which are the best beaches to meet nice people and celebrate ?
- Where are the most beautiful sunsets and what time do they happen in September ?
- Shall I bring some repellent spray to get rid of mosquitos ?
- Few people mention the north of the island, should I try to visit anything apart from the circuit "Ibiza Town – San Antonio – Playa d´En Bossa – Salinas" ?

And last, but not least... is it easy to make friends, considering I´ll be all by myself ? :oops:

Thanks a lot for the advice,
and see you there !

i thought this website was pretty obvious, up north in portinax are the best beaches, down south i hear there is a cave with pre-historic wall paintings, im thinkin of maybe doin one of those boat tours or catamaran trips. were food on boat is paid for and you are taken to some of the most beautiful parts of the island, i think they have a list of activites to do as well.

the reps at the apartments will probably fill u in on site seeing tours etc..