Hotels with 2 bedrooms ? HELP!

where in ibiza are you thinking of staying.most have a joining rooms.just a door to open .ie 2 in each room.then a you needing s/c or h/b
From what I remember of delusional before now,he was looking for hotels for him and his gal,depending on present situation maybe something different needed?
You would'nt normally get a hotel with 2 bedrooms,except some sort of suite.
So would have to be an apartment,so,some in bedroom,some in salon on sofas.
Or 2 bedroom apartment,could sleep 6...:eek:
Two places spring to mind

club maritim in san antonio bay have one and two bedroom selfcatering or board basis

Riveriera hotel also in the bay do a suite which is basically two rooms with an ajoining door which means you get two bathrooms aswell, stayed there and it was quite good.
I know the Mira Mola in Figueretas has rooms with 2 seperate bedrooms and has sea views and is pretty cheap...stayed there a few years ago with the kids and was fine for what we needed at the time....hope this helps...Dave.