hotels...which ones???



just wanted to know if there's any hotels anyone liked a lot, that were not too expensive. also, do we want to stay non the beach or in ibiza town itself... we've never been here before and we're going at the busiest time (august) :lol: anyways any advice would be great... oh also, are apartments for long term stays? or can they be for a week or less...thanx :!:
its not essential that yo stay by the beach because all of the beaches are public, it all depends what you want really.

normally apartment are set per week, but i'm sure you can find some places that will cater for your needs..
ok...thanks for your help.... who knew it was so hard to plan a trip! :rolleyes:
and ibiza's only our first stop!
For the benefits of Ibiza town and a beach, try Hotel Nautico Ebeso in Figueretas.
It's relatively affordable, great location, away from tourist shite and close to Ibiza town.
The balance is just right. I've stayed there before and it's the best choice I've made in five visits to the island. I'm going back this year for sure.
Good luck with your search.