Hotels and places to stay


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I am planning my first trip to Ibiza this summer and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good place to stay, that is cheap, since I will be spending all my money to get in to the clubs. thanks :p
San An is probably the cheapest resort for accomodation, but personally i would suggest somewhere nearer Ibiza town.

Depends what clubs you plan on visiting.

For Space/Pacha/Ed Divino/DC10 stay Ibiza town/Figurettas/Playa d'En Bossa

For Eden/Es Paradis stay San An.

For Amnesia/Privilege probably San An also

There are, of course, loads of other places to stay but its best to stay nearer the clubs to save on travel ££££
If you need to keep the purse strings tight I'd suggest staying at the Catalina behind Savannah on Sunset strip. Its cheap and clean,nice and quiet (in Sept, dunno about high season) and and ideally located for watching sunset.

From there its a 2 min walk to 1.6 euro bus ride to Ibiza town, pdb and the decent clubs you're after.

Strange advice from a man who works on a theory that if any anything makes your holiday 0.00001% better, once you're there, then bugger the cost and just do it. (Could make some sort of ad slogan out of that.....erm, hang on a minute.....)
or try the mar y vent next door to catalina has its own bar and shop and staff there are pretty easy going nice pool area with sunloungers as well
mc do you have a pic ??