Hotel Torre Del Mar: Aug 5-12th, 4 guys from NYC, USA



Just wondering if anyone will be in the area (or the same hotel), and wants to meet up. Let me know!!! 26 days and counting, our first time on the island. We are 23, 23, 24, and 24 yrs old, and live about 15 min west of NYC in wonderful New Jersey (just kidding).
hey bro, fellow ny'er, read my post about ibiza, came back last week, lots of things you def should know about this trip.........
just got back from Ibiza --- you have a great hotel selection. You're in a great area and if i had to do it again I'd stay at your hotel. You'll love it! Enjoy!
drummaboy and DCgirl,
thanks so much for your replies. drumma, your list in the other forum is awesome, and is perfect for me (as i am in the same exact situation as you were before you went). i am sure it will be a blast out there.

DCgirl, i am guessing you head over to buzz/sting @ nation often, i used to go to UMD and was there nearly every weekend my senior year! (fall 99 to spring 00). definitely some good times at buzz. i am going to ibiza during carl cox's birthday (8.8 i think), it would be great if i can get close enough to him and chat about fever @ b'more, but i suppose the chances are slim to none on that one.

thanks again to you both! :D :D :D