Hotel tax


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Probably been asked before but can anyone tell me if the tax is still being charged at the hotel...think its called the baleric tax or something???
it depends.

the ecotax still exists - it will probably be october before it is officially abolished - because of the timetable required for passing or abolishing laws in the government.

everybody who stays in a hotel has to pay the tax - but some hotels were not charging the tax but paying it themselves on the clients' behalf. it depends on which hotel you stay at.........
Yea it just depends on where your staying and stuff. We didnt have to pay it last year and we are returning to the same Apts so i cant imagine us having to pay anything.
vienna said:
stop paying taxes!!!!!! we are in a free world! :D ;) ;)
and the let the children remain uneducated, the sick die and the dead remain unburied - you do have cracking ideas don't you

Just got back yesterday. We had to pay 6 euros per room (there were three of us in each room) so 2 euros each for the week. Had to pay about 7 per person last year so dont worry x