Hotel Question


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Im from Australia and i am planning my first trip over to Ibiza next season with my girlfriend.

I have noticed that hotel rates go on a per person basis. Instead of paying for a room which fits two people , you seem to get charged per person. Is this a European thing?
There are some places that do a rate per room, but others like you say charge per person.
this site has some good hotels to choose from.depends where you fancy staying.of course you want it cheap begin from Australia.
Hi daveaus
we are regular both to Ibiza and Australia each year and have to say there is no way you could get the bargains for a room that you do in Oz.
When in Perth we have the odd few days away with a room for four at one all in price. You could expect to pay that 'each' in Ibiza or many other european destinations.'
A most beautiful place though, Ibiza is worth every penny......................................although so is Australia!!! Decisions Decisions:)
Incidently where are you coming from in Australia?