Hotel Question


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Hey guys just curious, I'm staying at a place called Ses Fontanellas Plaza. The address says ctra port des torrent, San Antonio Abad. Is that in San Antonio or San Antonio Bay? I want to make sure I tell the taxi drivers the right place when travelling. Also I have friends stayin at Sol Bahia in San Antonio, are we close to each other? Can we walk to each other or do we have to take taxis? Please help, I'm leaving NY Thurs so I need answers before. Thanks

The hotel where you're staying at is in the San Antonio Bay area; it's about a 20 min. walk into San An Town. I've stayed in this area a few times, near the beaches;it's quiet and less busy than in town.
i don't think there's any way in the world you could walk that distance in 20 mins. i reckon it's 5 or 6 kms around the bay from san an centre.