hotel piss park ? :-\ damn....



I sure hope the hotel its not that bad!!!

Any girls going to that supposed sh1th0l3 from the 25th July to August 1st ? :lol:

If you do, just drop me a line! ;)


Pedro aka dj dRaCuL
Fantastik DJ Agency - Portugal
Going off the plot a bit, what is the scene like in Lisbon? and how does that open air club compare to Space etc?
the scene in lisbon is getting much better know, with clubs making more special nights with special guest djs.
For example, my agency has been bringing artists like Oscar G (who doesnt know Dark Beat ?), Satoshi Tomiie and Curtis Atchison (Midnight Society Productions) and a lot of other promoters and agencys are doing its best to bring the best of dance music to lisbon and porto (in the north).

In Algarve (portuguese ibiza ehehe) you always have huge dj names everynight on LOCOMIA CLUB (! last summer was HUGE! everyday a good dj spun there! deep dish, satoshi tomiie, saeed & palash, hector romero, david morales, behrouz, tarrentella & redanka, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

In portugal we don't hear trance (except psychedelic trance in some partys at the forest :p ). The main sound is portugal is house and techno, but mainly house, from deep house to progressive house.
We just love those underground tunes :twisted:

You just see more and more foreign people here in Portugal (mainly Algarve) for clubbing!

Remember to drop by Portugal in the next summers ;) you wont regret it!

Greetings to all from:
"A paradise called Portugal" - Danny Tenaglia 8)

Pedro aka dj dRaCuL
Fantastik DJ Agency - Portugal