Hotel Orosol


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Anyone stayed here?

Im going back to ibiza on august 13th and am hoping to stay there!

Whats is like? Does anyone know?

Cheers people!

I stayed there this year and last year but in the appartments so don't know about the hotel rooms. But there is no air con :( and they are very strick about the noise but other than that it was ok.
The lady who has been emailing me (Teresa) has been V friendly. I will prob end up staying booking with them myself, not sure what the deals are with different hotel and apartment rooms tho??
i've been dealing with the same lady myself, she does seem very very friendly and helpful!

when are you going there?
mon 4th of august for a week mate- still aint got my flight yet tho! -Waiting for my mate to get his passport sorted! When u goin?
wednesday august 13th for a week!

going back for the second time this year to see my girlfriend - who i met when i was out there in July!

travelling on my own! :eek:
i've booked my flight today, and paid for the deposit for the accomodation!

cant wait!

twice in one year! a new personal best for me!

everyone thinks im mad travelling on my own - but i have my reasons! :D
wot are your reasons then mate? Mine are usually coz no one else can afford it! -This year its gonna be coz my mate hasnt sorted his passport in time! -Orosol must cost u a fortune if ur on ur own!???
Im going back to see my girlfriend who works out there, whom i met when i was out there in July. :D

And it also gives me a chance to be in ibiza and not have my mate sleeping all the time (as he did in July), but i shouldnt be bitchy about that! ;)

Im having a single room and i think it works out at about £20/£25 a nite which aint too bad! For a week anyway!
I will be stopping there from 11th august for one week with my mate
we are 2 geordie geezers from washigton tyne & wear.