Hotel Orosol



Me and a mate are in San An from 11th august for a week and have booked in at Hotel Orosol.
Can any body tell me if is any good.
Thanks robo
I've seen the site, I was looking to see if anyone had stayed there before
wondered if it was any good.
Party On, the Orosol are ok if a little basic. We stayed there 2 years ago and found that the place was full of Germans and they had no pool so they suggested you go and share one in another hotel!!

They are really close to the Egg and West End so there really isnt too much walking involved getting to all the places you want to go.
Cheers wetfarm
Thought it looked a bit basic nevermind less to wreck when we are there.
Just wanted somewhere to kipp.after clubbing :eek:
wont have to worry about having to find a sunbed in the morning.(wont mention the war) :lol: