Hotel milord San Antonio bay -forthcoming holiday




Has anyone stayed at Fiesta HOTEL MILORD in San An Bay (we are going half board), whats it like?. My family (husband, son 18 and daughter 20) and five of their friends and my sister and her five girls are coming to the bay in mid September for one week.
I would like to find lively fun places in the bay area for the older kids (well adjusted and just want a good time/laugh, disco/ karaoke(keen singers/musicians).
Also somewhere that kids (7yrs - 13yrs) are welcome of an evening with music and dancing/karaoke in close vicinity to Hotel milord. Are there any nice cafes/restaurants nearby that serve decent food and dont charge the earth for lunchtimes or odd night out if we dont fancy hotel food.
Finally is there a self service launderette nearby the hotel ?, I dont plan spending the week washing but since the hotel does not have these facilities it would be handy to know location if needed, and is there a local travel operater who runs a bus to es cana hippy market or any interesting trips for the kids eg dolphin shows locally?
One of the young girls is diabetic so the location of the hospital and telephone/fax would be handy for emergencies
finally finally I would appreciate any decent advice anyone can give to make this holiday great especially for the younger kids who recently lost their dad to cancer and really need cheering up [/b]
san antonio bay is full of the type of places you want,
there's a laundrette in the hotel playa bella about 200 m from your hotel
your reps will have all the numbers for healthcare, or your receptionist will help.
your not all in the same room are you?
thanks for the info, but are other hotel guests allowed to use the playa bella facilities or do you have to bluff it?

No we are not all one room, we have six rooms in total, dont want to cramp the young adults style now do we!

A further query, I heard on our local radio from someone who has just returned from Ibiza and says the prices have shot up since last year, can u give me some examples
it's a coin operated laundrette - anybody can use it as far as i know. there is another laundrette further down the road under the mei ling chinese restaurant.

prices have hardly increased at all since last year - however the value of the pound has gone down by about 15% so it seems like you're paying more!
I stayed in the Milord last time in Ibiza - not through choice as it was a last minute thing.

I thought the hotel was brill with the only drawback being it a more family orientated affair - which will suit you perfectly. I didn't like getting woken up at 10 in the morning with the kids club organising the games for the day - but didn't complain as that was the type of hotel it was.

Your kids will love it - pool entertainment n stuff all day and right on the beach - even has its own little jetty where the water taxi ferries you over the bay to San An every 20 mins or so.

Its far enough away from the mayhem of San An to allow for a bit of peace but has its own nightlife nearby where your kids will be most welcome :)

Although I won't be staying there again, it is certainly not because its a crappy hotel - just that i'll be trying out the other side of the island - I would definitely go back to Milord if I ever returned to ibiza with kids of my own.

You'll have a great time:)

Thanks Stephen/Mark comments much appreciated

Dee (displaced Geordie currently in mackem land)

When were you at the Milord

Can you tell me if the rooms are decent size, also did the four bedded rooms have the forth bed in (was it a pull out type)

Did the hotel offer an all inclusive option

Any local Bars/Retaurants/Cafes you would recommend/not recommend

What sort of evening entertainment did the hotel offer and also were there any pubs nearby with karaoke/live bands

Hey Dee, sorry its taken so long to reply but been out of town for a bit.

Was at Milord August 2001 - couldn't tell you about the size of the 4 berth room as my girlfriend and I stayed in a double - It was a good size with a nice view from the balcony (although I would have prefered not to have a view of the pool so I could sleep a bit longer without getting woken up early in the morning... No air conditioning tho :( and the fan on the roof didn't seem to cool the room down much...

The Hotel did offer an all inclusive option whereas you could pay by the day (minimum 7 days) but we didn't take them up on that - wouldn't recommend you doing that as it means your quite restrited with regards to mealtimes etc and Ibiza has soooo many nice restaurants to visit, it would be a shame to have to eat in the hotel all the time.

We had dinner in the hotel 3 or 4 nights and the food was good/ok - what you would expect from a half board hotel buffet I suppose.

Food served at the pool side is great though - the all day breakfasts are top :)

Dunno about hotel entertainment in the evening - there is certainly all the usual hotel stuff - bands, games, quizzes etc but we usually went out just as they were starting to get going...

But about 100 metres round the beach there is a bar (where kids are most welcome) which does karaoke and has live bands etc every night - you will easily see it/ hear it from the poolside of Milord - its just past the jet ski hire bit on the beach.

Kumharras is about a 5 minute stroll round the beach (the opposite way from San An - I would definitely recommend you going there - its my favourite bar on the whole island and a nice place to catch a sunset :)

Can't remember any of the names of bars nearby but you will find them when you get to the top of the short road where Milord is situated.

Hope this helps a bit - as I said before, its a great Hotel and would be perfect for a family with kids - enjoy..
:D Thanks Mark

your reply answers one question (all inclusive) I have been trying to find out for ages, I emailed the hotel several times and even tried to fax them ( in spanish as well) but did not get replies, I was convinced they were either not getting them or they were just being rude and ignoring them!, but the place sounds great.
The all inclusive is just in case so we can save more money for the pubs outside on a night and because the teens have not got a fortune (like me ha ha as if, we nurses dont get that much.) and its mainly for daytime use (drinks and snacks if we are in the hotel) but that will depend on how much it is per day/week.

My son wants me to ask, do you know is there a basketball court at the hotel or nearby?
Dee, now that you mention it, I wouldn't have remembered if you hadn't , but I do remember seeing a basketball hoop not too far from the hotel - we cut through it to get to the main road from the hotel (I think) so I'm assuming its not far but as for location, best bet would be to ask when you get there - can't remember if was a court or if it was just a single hoop - more I think about it, could have been in a tennis court...

I have a feeling it was not far past the pub I mentioned earlier - try heading to the left from Milords own beach and walk past the jet skis and the bar and check out round about the hotels you come to - I know, not much help but memory is a bit hazy but its certainly worth a look round this area - and anyway, to reach the main road, its quicker going this way than walking up to the top of the "driveway" bit :)

:D :rolleyes: Thanks Mark this should keep my lad happy.

By the way did the hotel have safety deposit boxes and where are they and if you can remember how much?

Is the food ok at the hotel, is it self service?
Did you try any decent restaurents locally any you would particulary recommend or avoid for food/value etc?

I hope you dont mind me bombarding you with questions but as I think of something new or get asked questions by members of my group I am at a loss to get answers and as youve been there you might just know.