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Good day people!
Anybody stayed at the Hotel MarBlau? - its on the other side of Dalt Villa sort of at the back of Ibiza Town in a bit called Los Molinos. We chose it coz its close to everything and not really near all the trashy it ok and is it walkable to base bar etc???!
great choice

Mar Blau is a top choice, good value and the owner is great. You are about 5 mins from Figuertes down a nice coastal path. Or it's 5mins to Warhol and bars of Plaça del Parque.

Best thing it's it really quiet too and views are exceptional.
ok - COOL that was just what we were seems to be pretty reasonable too. glad we have nice view then!!
FANTASTIC - can't wait to bloomin go now!!!
Stingray - are you the chappy who wrote the Ibiza rough guide??
wouldn't mind a copy of that - is it in waterstones etc yet?

Still pleased at my good choice of hotel!
mr ruff

Yeah señor ruff s'me

Several friends of mine have stayed there. Decor is a little old fashioned, but it's a lovely spot almost rural, but in Ib Town and really quiet. Views of coast and Dalt Vila walls are superb. If for some reason you don't like it Apartamentos Roselló (I lived here when I was writing the 1st edition of RG Ibiza) are a 2 min walk away, or if you wanna splash some cash Es Vive is about 10 mins south.

Let me know what you make of it


yeah - will let you know what we think of it, although your description of it makes me think that we made a wise choice.
Unfortunately not going until the end of July though so bit of a wait is in store!!! Just getting massively excited well in advance, as usual!!
Good to know somebody who knows the island inside out though - what a great job you have!!!!!!