Hotel Llevant



Going out to Ibiza on the 30 July to hotel Llevant. Has anybody been here and can give me a review, or does anybody know where it is and can give me a rough location of the hotel.

Thanks :D
West End

Do u know how far this is from the west end??
my boyf and i stayed there last year it was ok had a bar, bed and bathroom, balcony( view was not too good but we were lucky to have one a couple of rooms didnt). it was a little too close to the road and at times when you needed to sleep it was a little noisey espcecially with the rubbish trucks!!!
have you been to ibiza before?? (if so this will be quite easy i hope)if you have imagine you at the roundabout with the egg just across from there by the kiddies playground there is a supermarket on the corner (that has tables and chairs out the front) it is literally 3 mins from there
the staff were friendly bar man was a real sweet old guy and not many of the residents drank there because the hotel is close enough to places like bar m, ittaca etc and like wise the west end and sun set strip!!