Hotel Hawaii ?


Dean Roberts

Hello everyone :D

This is my first post so be gentle.

Can anybody tell me what Hotel Hawaii is like ? Me and my girlfriend are gonna be staying there from 10th Sept.

Just wondered what it was like ?
Nice. Ive stayed there twice, good location towards the bay. There is many children there though usually! Very lively hotel with water polo etc going on during the day. Only fault is there are hardly any plugs in the rooms, and the one they do have is usually located halfway up the walls!!?? I would stay there again though.
My best mates stayed there last year. The Hotel is a great location at Punta Es Moli and only 5 mins walk from Bar M, Orange Corner and Es Paradis and Eden. Its right on the breach front too.

The only thing I did not like about it was the saltwater when you had a shower :(

I am staying further round the bay this year.
Do you have any idea what the foods like there cos we have paid for half board ?

I stayed at Ses Savines last time i was there (4 years ago) and wasnt really impressed with it.
they usually have a fish dish, a meat dish, a veggie dish, chips, spagetti bolognese, potato corgettes and they always have soup available and a salad selection. Not bad but not brill, we often looked forward to eating out!
i stayed there last year - if u ever go out during the day and want to take lunch with u - they will put together a little picnic for you - from what i remember - it was quite nice - unfortunatly you have to carry it around in a great big box... :oops: - personally i couldnt eat the food in the dining room - i thought most of it was horrible although the more english stuff was a bit nicer - ie - bacon, suasages etc... ;)
haha!! the hotel itself is lovely...clean and depending what side u stay on you get lovely views - when i stayed we were looking over the windmill which is where they happened to have all the fire works that year - if you are worried about food then you can get fantastic breakfasts in Gino Ginnellies (something like that - its on this website under bars and cafe's) and lunched you can get in any of the bars/cafes around the bay and dinner you can get again in any of the bars/cafes. i would recommend the chinese along the bay if you are a chinese lover!
erm...cant completely remember - would have been june/july time!
if I had stayed there when the Radio 1 thingy was going on a few weeks ago, I would have gone insaaaane! Fergie played so loud, my ears were about to fall off and we sitting across the bay at the time, dining at Villa mercedes! OMG!
you schould go there! foods nice, service is excellent and the maroccan theme in the gardens behind the dining area are stunning!!!!!!