Hotel Figuertes or Cenit Hotel?


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My friend and I are visiting Ibiza in August 2003. We are thinking of staying at either the Cenit Hotel or Hotel Figuertes. Which one would be the best choice? Any personal opinions or experiences on these two hotels would be much appreciated!

Thanks! :D
zenith is beautiful, but is gay-oriented
maybe just what you're looking for, or maybe not.. :)
its your choice.
Are Zenith and Cenit the same place or were you just suggesting Zenith as another place in the area? As for the gay thing that doesn't bother me at all. I am not gay myself, but that aspect is fine with me. Let me know about the Zenith thing I am kind of confused?!?!?! :?: :D
from what i have seen of it, it is a nice place, and if you don't made the company the yu should give it try!!
the view from some rooms is great:


... but its relatively far away from the beach and without a car
you always have to climb the hill.
i didn´t stayed there, prefer pdb 8)
Stayed in figueretas, very basic, room tends to get really hot in the morning. No aircon, no fan.
Cenit is higher standard
dance4life said:
does anyone have any recent experiences staying at Cenit Hotel??cheers

Yes, we are.

For over 7 years now, and every year in Cenit.
It simpel, clean and the staff is verry nice.
The pool upstars (by Martin, Robert and Stefano) is it always nice to be.
(if you go there...give theme owher love)

Whe like it verry much, not to far from the "" Action", and far enough to get a goodnight sleep.

Grts Josephe and Linda.(Holland)
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