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Discussion in 'Ibiza Open Chat' started by McRackin, May 26, 2017.

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    Que tristeza. .
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    i ve check price for my stay along july august
    27 days 4560€ :eek: 168€ a day
    Ibiza is Always not a good idea along peak season as for opening it's 60€ a day there...

    Boycott hotels is the answer as 4560€ will be the budget for summer & closing including all parties/good meals at restaurants & so on :D
    4500€ only to sleep? are u kidding? :lol: no way to save for Ibz as average may do :cool: Best deals i know for location is 675€ to 945€ (35€ /day no aircon) around ibz harbor, things not shareable in case im looking for booking there, always full in august, u have to wait a few days or split room with unknown :confused:

    ps: One, i like very much as we may sneak with 4 people (we were 2 along the stay) there Apartamentos Avenida - MC Apartamentos Ibiza, price range from 56€ opening(already full) a bargain (weird price was 100€ when we were there opening 14,especially split by 2 or more :lol:) to 258€/day august :eek:
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  5. Avril86

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    Booked Ibiza rocks for 6 nights! Stage view :D
  6. craig72

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    Stage veiw is usually looking at groups of lads peacocking and shouting at each other trying to figure out where all the girls are..:lol:
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  8. McRackin

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    found on tripadvisor...

    it has been taken over by new owners, with the intention of completely revenevating the property. Next year we plan to re open as The Wiki Woo, a 4 star hotel.
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    Looking for a place this year I noticed that Sol Bahia was listed on some of the booking sites. Be great to see it back but it was still desolate when I walked past last September. Anyone heard anything?
  11. Don Simon

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    Don't really know anything new, but they were working on it (down below) mid October 17....
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    5 years, 5 hotels...

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    Yeah mate can't wait to see the new two in San An
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    I sayed near them in 1996 for 2000pts a night , room with balcony over looking a little marina hostel owned the apartments aswell as the hostel in the port.
  18. Bucko08

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    Can anyone recommend some cheap and cheerful accommodation in San An pretty close to the Bus Station? Stayed at Tarba last year and would of booked there again but no rooms on any travel sites for our dates. Anything similar to Tarba is ideal... basic,clean but not a party gaff full of kids.

    Thanks in advance for any replies
  19. CasaNegron

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    Hostal Montana, but I think you will have to wait to reserve on their site or send them a direct email.
  20. Bucko08

    Bucko08 Active Member

    Narrowed it down to 3... Hostal Torres, Hotel Galera and Los Angeles apartments. Anyone stayed at these before?

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