Hotel Brisa



Me & my m8 r off to the Hotel Brisa, San Antonio on the 17th Sept and was wondering if there will be any other like minded people going or if any1 has has recently come back from that hotel.

Let me know

Nice 1
Im staying there!!! :D Not going til the 27th Sept tho :(
I've heard its a pretty good hotel, fun lively etc.....just what I'm after lol.
i just got back from ibiza last friday and my mates were stayin in the brissa , we were satayin in the bay and i think i was more in the brissa than my own apartments . the brissa is the best hotel to stay in full of young english and irish you will have great crack there. the hotel is kickin
parties all day and all night the staff are all sound especially the nights manager juan hes sound . you will have the best time there
they are bout 10 min walk from westend . hotel bar is open till 4 am , food is lovely too
oh im so jealous :twisted:
Stayed in the Brisa for a week this yeah, pretty good hotel, nice pool and bar area, just make sure you get a fan though coz the rooms can get pretty hot.
and watch out for the thieving cleaners... ooops that's libellous!!! but f*cking true.