Hotel Brisa, San Antonio


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Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Hotel Brisa, San Antonio

Any comments on this place? I gather from past reviews that there's music at the poolside but will I be subjected to the same CD on repeat for two weeks?

Edit: Just read the small print in the first post. Delete away :lol:
Hotel Brisa

Hello Oscar 4

I have stayed at Brisa 4 times now and to be honest they don`t really play the music loud enough for you to hear it anyway. That aside its a great hotel for the money, clean and located away from the madness which is good for when your not partying. great sofas in reception too when you need to collapse. ha ha
Yea stayed there a few times too...

Not bad place really,cleaned quite often from what I can remember.
One thing I do remember about the place is that the doors tend to slam alot.......dont ask me why....
Foods pretty decent,theres a decent little shop round the corner too,if you go left out of the hotel then turn right its about twenty yards.

Not to far from the action either,about ten minutes walk if memory serves me correctly.:?:

Oh yea,and its got a lift......well used to have...Big bonus..
Thanks for the replies folks. I posted this in the wrong place originally, hence the gibberish at the end of my first post.

My friends and I were a bit worried about there being no fridge in the room. Cold water is a bit of a must for us in the morning (or afternoon :lol:). Would it be practical to buy a coolbox and just get ice for it every so often, do you think?
stayed in da brisa meself last year,the place is really good for the money the staff are good crack if ya get friendly with the barstaff they will usually put on some tunes for ya and pretty much wat the lads said in the last few posts,no fridge in the room do it would be a good idea to get a coolbox.
Stayed there last year and staying again this year, very good value for money, drinks quite cheap, food cheap and is actually fairly good for the price. The poolside music is a little repetative but the staff are friendly and a really good atmosphere.
If I can help it I Would never stay in a Hotel where somebody has tragically died......

Just gives me the creeps.
Young Irish guy drowned in the pool after an all night bender about 2 years ago.

Very sad story on his first night there.
Yes it does. Or people falling from balconies. Or jumping off boats , taking bad drugs , Drink Driving, Hit and Run, cult abduction.......

It would be interesting to find out the official holiday death toll each year on the Island....

Not that the local officials would want the publicity.

Health and saftey regulations in Spain are "loose "to say the least.