Hotel Brisa anybody?



myself and 7 other mates are going to ibiza the beginning of August, we are staying at the Hotel Brisa and we are going with the club-rep group 2wentys, has anybody stayed there. we have looked on the holidays-uncovered website and it sounds like a sure thing, but all of you on this site sound like you know what you are talking about so if anybody has stayed there before could you please get back to me. many thanks ;)


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I stayed at the Brisa in 1997 with a group of 20 mates, the staff were really friendly, the food was good, music booms out all day and the pool is quite big too.

I wouldn't stay there now, but only because I'm older and need to stay somewhere a bit quieter :rolleyes: but you and your mates will have a great time.

Enjoy yourself.xx


yeah its cool there. Went last yr with 2wentys. The reps WILL pester you to sign up for their excursions which can be annoying if they come to wake u in the morning. They are friendly tho and we signed up for them all as it was our first yr there. Missed the booze cruise tho as we got back from Manumission about 8am and they came banging on our door at 9am to go on an all day drinking spre!! and we had Godskitchen that nite!! so we just said we weren't going.

we did notice that there didnt seem to be many real clubbers in our hotel (although we went early for opening week 15 th of june) and although all the ppl from the hotel seemed to join in the bar crawls and stuff they never stayed at the clubs much past about 3am!! how lame!!

one thing we were grateful for was that we had a room with a balcony facing AWAY from the pool as the other room overlooking the pool got the sun on them nearly all day and we were hot enough as it was!:) plus the pool gets busy from early on so can be noisy too

the hotel itself is nice, pretty big, good bar, nice food (and cheap too) has a TV which was handy for the World cup last yr :) 24 hr reception so you can leave ur key with them when u go out. Rooms are good, we had a 3 bed room, nice bathroom, cleaned every day if you wanted but most of the time we turned the cleaning lady away as we were just going to bed :D we had a balcony whcih was cool. Safe in the room at a small cost but worth it i reckon

supermarket about 5 mins away and pharmacy too.....about 10 mins walk down to San An harbour and where Eden're pretty much at the end of the West End there so not far to get to pubs and stuff.....about 10 mins to Coastline/Mambo/Cafe Del Mar area too

Def a nice place to stay, and if you join in teh rep stuff it is well organised and quite good fun....although we avioded their nite at school the point in going to a nite like that in Ibiza?!?!


playa den bossa beach club

hi can anyone tell me how far fiesta club playa den bossa is away from bora bora space jet etc as im hoping its not to near as me and the girlfriend want to relax in the day and party in the night any replys would b great thanks and if u can tell me anything about it thankyou