hotel baia, san an bay? good? bad?



got a late 'deal' £196 for a week, s/c next month, looked ok in brochures... any idea what its REALLY like?

room size?


* the basic price was 156, then add under occupancy surcharge, even tho 3td bed is the sofa?? what a ripoff! alo, transfers now added on??
If you mean Bahia in San An Bay, yay we stayed there last year. Really nice hotel, nice and modern, rooms are good size, pool is fine, good location away from West End etc. Food is ok if you want to get anything to eat there. No probs with noise. Quite a good crowd there as well.

Really liked it, only reason I wouldn't go back is it's in San Antonio and I don't spend hardly anytime over at that side of island.

That's really good deal you've got for it.
hotel bahia (around the bay) / holiday feedback!

looked very nice when you're in the lounge, with atrium going all the way to top (3 floors) - he 3 person studio apartment had only 1 bed? found the second folded underneath... feck knows where 3rd person is meant to sleep, just enough room for 2! (check you have a bedroom, a bit more space apparantly..)

great views across the bay, to main town- about 10 mins stroll,
give or take a few street hawkers, who are very persistant!

the pool gives welcome relief to fierce heat- still quite hot at 8 or 9pm...

there is a large terrace with tables, and 2 x air hockey under the shade,
and a pool table. poolside showers, and also wet area with toilets, for changing without sripping throught the reception!

2 bars, poolside and the lounge, mostdrinks from 3 euros - gotta ask
for a free shot, they seemed 'forgetful'! we spent most time out on the town, so no food bought there, but it looked good. various offers each day, regular entertainmetn at night, with kids club (extra charge) to keep them busy....

there's a bar opposite the hotel, englosh run, free mini gold, and sports tv (saw england win 2-1, owen was never offside (is it ever?!)

a nice beach 5 mins away, past a few ars and shops - remember to bring sandals as it was v v hot sand! (playa pueg i think its called - carry along the coast road away from town (turn left out of hotel, then right at end of the alley, by golf pub mentioned earlier....

there is air con, though works best with windows closed. a few free tv channels, we only found out later on that you can get more (better!)
stuff, payable at reception- they are v friendly, as was natalie, the cosmos rep - dan was eyeing her up, as were the other men!

walking into town, go behind the beach promenade, and left at the cepsa garage (that road brings you back to the egg) there areplenty bars, tat shops etc to keep you busy.

friendliest/cheapest places we found-
english bar, (black/white building, right side before you reach the
burger king) i think was 2 euro for a san miguel, all the usuals there too.

a bit futher on, the rodeo bar (open air wild west decoration) was mainly 3 euro, but 2 for 1 ! the bullride was 3 euro's, and if u r crap, they let you go again... other games there too, though i reckon the beer was watered down? 4 pints usually does me at home, hardly staggering there....

best brekkie was just before the egg(!), 3.20 or 3.50 or so, for a full fry up - 2 each of bacon, egg, toast, sausages, and beans... the hotel brekkie was 4.50, i think.

up the west end, buyew beware! one place neat the top (with a gorgeous welsh PR, but looking a tad bored!) lured us in with a free shot with every drink, better value than the big places (trops, etc) - a jug of cocktial was 10 euro... we struggled to do 2 jugs...! special burger was 4 euro i think, v tasty- ham bacon cheese etc...

there is a farmacia at the bottom, englosh is spoken, if need ear drops, cotton buds etc! ;-)

we got an exchange rate 1.33 to the pound, most palces were about the same ( same rate as was in the UK at the time...)

wou;ld i go again? yes, but get a proper bedroom!

btw, there is a toaster, kettle, and small microwave provided. great for pot noodles and toast, when $$$ alomost runs out!
Re: hotel bahia (around the bay) / holiday feedback!

paula_and_dan said:
there is a farmacia at the bottom, englosh is spoken, if need ear drops, cotton buds etc! ;-)

do you mean this one? :p