Hotel apolo?

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Hello, im just wondering what Hotel apolo is like, anyone been? or anyone heard any good/bad reports of it?

Please reply


22 days to gan!
Do a search, there was a topic about this hotel about three days ago!!!

Generally basic/18-30/small rooms but clean. Ok pool. Ok bar.
We stayed there in 2001, its fine although very basic. Mainly a Club 18 - 30 place. The pool is nice, and they play music out on the terrace. Its a little bit of a walk into the centre of San Antonio but also a pleasant one. All in all a good base. Have a great time.
it's good at least the bar should be open 24/7, my seen you their as i will be their ...havin it :D
The barman is/was a sleezy ar$e though, tried to get girls p1ssed on shots and that and then perved, tried it on with them. Bar isnt open 24hr but he'd openit for just girls when they got back, especially if they were p1ssed........

looks like i need to get to know all da ladys in my hotel to keep the bar open what a shame.
Hotel Apolo

Me and five friends are going to Ibiza on 9th July 2003. We are satying in Hotel Apolo. Any reviews are helpful. Thanks.
im stayin in hotel apolo from 15th-23rd july
18 days to go....!!!!!!!
iv nt really heard anythin bowt it, part from it bein described as 'pikey' in one of the reviews on here...
anymore information???
anyone gonna be there a the same time??