Hostels in Playa Den Bossa?!?


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As I am flying to Ibiza alone this year at the end of August, any recommendations on where to find a clean and reasonably priced single room, preferably in the Playa Den Bossa or Ibiza Town area, would be greatly appreciated!

Another question for you knowledgeable folks: I will be in Ibiza at the end of August/beginning of September, do you recommend I reserve a room in advance, or rather show up on the island unannounced and take my chances finding an AVAILABLE and moderately priced hostel/hotel?

Many Thanx,

check the hotels sections on here - there ar4e plenty of places to stay in Playa D'en Bossa, though it might work out expensive on your own, a lot of the package places charge an under occupancy supplement. Last year i stayed in Dausol appartments which are basi, but clean and nice...

You would be best to book in advance as when you are going is pretty much peak season!