Hostel Florencio and Hostel Torres



Hi Folks,

I've been calling travel agents to try and get a cheap deal to Ibiza, myself and wee bro are going. To arrive 16th August, leaving 23rd August.

These are the places they are naming, anyone know of them?
Apparently they're in San Antonio....what's the security, beds etc. like..?

We have been quoted £276 Sterling all in, which I suppose is pretty good.
Was hoping for cheaper, but this seems to be our best option so far.

We were going to walk into a travel agents on 15th Aug and aks to go next day, but I keep being told that's a bad idea....anyone any other experiences here?

7 DAYS TO GO !!!!!
The Florencio was FABULOUS!!!! I mean for a hostel we thought we were gonna get absolute shitt!!!! But when we arrived in our room we were suprised by how nice our room was. I mean of course its not gonna be anything like the Four Seasons, but it was quite adequate for a low budget holiday stay. We had a terrace with a great view of the hills in the distance. The staff, VERY VERY friendly...the lady running the hotel gave us free drinks every breakfast and they treated us superbly. The only complaint i really had about the place was the water pressure in the showers. I mean it was literally drippin on pressure at all. But for the price that we paid...the Florencio was well worth it ;) HOpe it helps


p.s. ask for room 411 (the room we stayed in) i think it was one of the bigger ones. And if u see the lady that runs it ask her if she remembers the 3 canadians that came in the beginning of july...i hope she does...we'll be sending her a pic of all the staff and ourselves soon.
Hey! Yeah we liked the florencio too - it was basic but really close to everything. theres some deals for a week in the florencio for about the 17th august for £129 i think, its on
Hope you have a great time
Claire xx
Cheers for that folks, I 'll check out that lastminute, that would be ideal...
I'll let you all know what I get....

4 DAYS TO GO !!!!!!!/
Hostal La Torres

I stayed there last year, really nice ,incredible sunsets (10 times better than cafe del mar) I think you need a car as its about a 5 minute drive from san antonio. Try , you probably would have booked by now, but anyway, wel lworth a visit if you just go for dinner or sunset... :D :lol: