Hostal Marina


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Has anybody stayed at hostal Marina ? Reason I am asking is that I booked a room for two weeks for me and girlfriend and booking appeared to go okay and they took a deposit and confirmed the booking. Only problem is now they do not having a booking for me at all

Thanks for any info you may have
hi henry yeah i stayed there last may - it did seem a little chaotic there but my booking went thru with no problem, confirmed by fax i think. its a nice place, cheap and in the middle of all the ibiza town action so hope it all works out for ya
Cheers Nickd Managed to get it sorted eventually although they tried to increase the price but still got origional price they quoted me.
Yep stayed there in Sept, pretty small room shared with 2 guys (now dont be thinking rude stuff here!)...The rooms were well wquipped with airconditioning and fridges! But the beds werent that comfy...the place seemed a bit odd and the walls, halls ect were painted in various bright colors....nice play to stay for a couple of days, but 14?? hmmm I would probably prefer something else in the long run....or at least for the last week.