hope to see you tomorrow at savannah!


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I´ll be there 19,45 - gonna meet up with Nish - if any of you are there, please meet us in the bar inside for a quick drink and laugh! :D

ill be the loud blonde with a crazed look in her eyes! hehe :D :D
Yes u fellow loonies, come and meet us! Its my birthday so Ill be the one Ibiza-G is picking up off the floor. Planning on checking out the Garlands party with free absinthe, then goin to see Carl Cox at space- for free!!

Come and join us- U know it makes sense ;)
I forgot I wasnt going on th 5th DOH I am leaving blighty on the 6th

Have fun anyway...cant wait to get back to the island now!!! :) :)
I bet you are!!! I am running about getting all those last minute things...and thats 2 days away!

Get on one of the web cams off the cafes at that time and give us all a wave! lol :lol: