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Hi my GF and I are out there Sept 2nd for two weeks on honeymoon. We are staying in Hotel Mediteraneo Sta Euilalia any good ??? We got engaged watching the sun go down at Es vedra 31/12/1999 and have been 8 times together so far. Any ideas for romantic day trips we arre staying in Santa Euilalia as it has the most and "best eating places" but will still rip it up when required.
Take a day trip to Formentera and find your own little beach.

Oh and congratulations on your forthcoming wedding :D
Barbie said:
Take a day trip to Formentera and find your own little beach.

Oh and congratulations on your forthcoming wedding :D

with that trip to formentera, take a picnic and nice blanket or mat to sit on some bubbly and find a private ;) area,

congrats from me too :D
We just got back from our honeymoon there :D We found that Kumharas was really romantic and cozy for dinner. Also, a day at Salinas beach (bring your own picnic -- the restaurants are frustratingly NOT romantic) was really mushy and full of love.
Plus, anything involving watching the sunset -- total honeymoon material.
KM5 can be very romantic for food, get some nice grub and then go and sit in one of those lurrrrrvvvvvve tents :p :D
Thanks folks. Any of you out there then, that we can meet for lgiht refreshment tea and scones. What about the hotel any one no if its a pest hole or not??????/
Agree with Kumharas. I went out there on my honymoon at the start of June and spent a few nights there sipping Sangria. Lovely place to get mushy !

As for a beach, its really small (but wonderful) so you may have to miss out on blanket activities here but the restaurant at Cala Gracionetta is perfect. I wasn't there that late but I heard the owner puts lighted candles in the sea after dark (anyone seen this ?) . . . .

How about a meal upstaits at Villa Mercedes (San An Harbour). Nice views and very swish ?

On a final note CAN be easy to get so into the music and the clubbing that you forget that its your honeymoon so its worth reminding yourself now and then . . . ahem , not that I'm speaking from experience . . .

Back in Sept for more !!

We got wed in Ibiza on 21st May 2003 - Have been there 5 times and just want to die there!!

Got married in Sant Raphael Church (church on hill near Privilege) - Stayed in El Corso by Marina in Ibiza near Talamanca.

We only brought 2 guests with us and had arranged our meal at Villa Mercedes.

We got engaged watching the sun go down on the rocks in front of Cafe Del Mar on 7th Sept. 2002.

Hope to win the lotto and buy a villa some day........I wish!
It was fab! A dream come true. We always said
even at the young old age of 21 (we're both 30 now!)
that we'd get wed there.

Fairly complicated with paperwork etc. But I've a Spanish friend,
who I worked with who organised everything. It was down to her

Had pictures taken behind El Divino with Ibiza Old Town in the background.

Villa Mercedes, we discovered by chance last Sept - fab place.

I hear Jade Jagger is getting wed and having her reception there!
Some coincidance eh! - except we don't have her money!!
Villa Mercedes, KM5, La Brasa, Bambuda Grove (nearest to Santa Eularia) are all worth taking romantic meals at but the best must be Sa Capella near San An. It's expensive by Ibiza standards but reasonable by London standards.
Getting married in Ibiza

Hello Shirley

I really really want to have a church wedding or get married in a really spiritual part of Ibiza next spring.

I know your friend organised the paperwork, but can you let me know how I would go about doing this.

I have put a post on the forum but no-one knows whats involved.
For an amazing evening meal go to L'Elephant in San Rafael , it will take you approx 15-20mins cross country from Santa Eulalia. It is an up-market (French Style) restaurant - very romantic, really good food and a great wine list (not too expensive either). If you are lucky the roof terrace will still be open when you go, then you get fantastic views of Ibiza Town. Best to make a reservation before you go; Tel 971 19 80 56.

Have a good un.