honeymoon 10/7-17/07


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Hi all, got married on 4th july and decided to have honeymoon in ibiza (obviously).
stayed in playa den bossa in the Garbi and found it to be a top class first hotel, all modern with amazing spa, views and the location was perfect, first time we've stayed outside of san an and found play pdb perfect for space,ushuaia, bora bora etc.

fri, arrived and had stroll around to get bearings buzzing with closeness of everything, chilled out round pool before heading out for first night, went into ibiza town and headed for port, had drinks in usual haunts of zoo bar, base etc before ending up getting settled in nicely in rock bar. tired from early morning flight so give clubing a miss but still managed to stay up till 9.00am on balcony to watch sun come up over pdb.

sat, sunbathed during day and headed along to passion for some lunch, cant recomend this place enough food amazing and just what the dr ordered after heavy first night, the smoothies and salads are out of this world. Had table booked for km5 in evening so headed over for amazing meal in amazing setting, for those of yous who aint been get yaself there, food and service were out of this world and its a great place to sit relax have a drink listening to qualit music A+++

sun, more sun worshipping before heading over to space, werent gonna bother but got 15 euro wristbands before 6.00pm so decide to have a look. last time i was in space was 2004 so was curious to see the new set up. Now i know its done to death on other threads but what the f__k has happened to this club, to me its been killed and in my opinion not a patch on the old look space, the music was still good and im impressed by the premier etage upstairs but the new terrace is ****e and what used to be the old terrace even worse. Also it was dead at 6.00pm which was totally alien to me and even when i left at 10.00pm it was still quiet. Anyway we left at 10 not coz wernet enjoying ourselves as we were but i really wanted to get to ushuaia for luciano. Got there to find a great crowd, greatt music and great atmosphere, the contrast between here and space was unbelievable. I firmly believe that in current financial times these little raves are the way forward, it was 20euro in and was great value. Luciano was immense keeping it nice and deep all night with touches of latin and tech grooves and the packed crowd were having the time of there lives.

mon, lie in after heavy night so up passion again nad bit sunbathing. Was gonna hed to cocoon but after the sunday we decided to give it a miss and headed instead to l'elephat instead for meal (honeymoon after all) meqal was first class if a bit pricey but really was great food in great setting, restaurant like most other places was only half full which is a sad reflection of economic times i feel.

tue, bora bora during day which was really good busy as iv ever seen it and music rocking once it got to 4pm stayed till 7ish then changed and of to mambo for sunset, only time we headed into san an and the difference betwqeen there and pdb is huge, in pdb your in minority being english but obviously in san an its like being back in uk. watched sunset then got harshly thrown out of mambo for havingthe audacity to have a bottle of corona in my hand, i bought it in quiet bar next door but i unknowingly stood with it in what must have been mambo teratory, no please or good manors from this fat doorman who abruptly shouted at me to get out with the wife standing next to me, after telling the bloke to drop his bar prices and to sort out his bad breath we headed for our reservation at sa cappela, this is a converted 16th century church and is absolutly breathtaking, graet food and really romantic, a spanish guy proposed to his gf there and it was a rather touching moment, after the meal you get presented with a complimentary bottle of liquer for you to sit outside on the terrace and get as pissed as you want, graet touch from a first class restaurant. Headed to underground after meal and having never made it befor in past was really excited about going. gets there for 1.30am and found the place deserted, gutted, had drink in hope thet people would turn up but nothing, couldnt believe it as heard on here that tuesdays were good night. the place itself was amazing and the music great but just empty, headed of back to pdb and had few drinks round pdb before heading back to hotel.

wed, sunbathed then in to ibiza town for drinks before of to a club, i fancied josh wink at meganite but was a little worried how busy it would be after witnessing underground night before. Sitting in rock bar having few drinks when got given couple of guest passes for pacha that night so decided to go there for subliminal instead, now morillo not really my thing but thought its for free so why not and the wife had never been into pacha before so of we went. Got in for tail end of oscar g's warm up and he was really good, quite dee and techy. Morillo up next for his weekly cheese fest, in his first half hour he had played needin u, modjo-lady, finally k.o.t and e-samba, i might have as well had a night down the west end. it picked up a little bit after that but next thing he goes in to sme cheesy michael jackson medely, by now we retired to the roof terrace for few drinks which aint cheap at 27euros for san miguel and vodka/tonic. Pacha not as busy as iv seen it in past either although still plenty of people in and decent atmosphere. Stayed till the death at 7.00 and he finnished with lenny kravitz are you gonna go my way, got taxi easy enough and home. also forgot to mention that tonight had planned to see francois k at martina which is built onto garbi, gutted to find this night cancelled, anther sad indication of lack of numbers

thur. last night and back into ibiza town for meal at la oliva inside dalt vita, lovely meal and not a fortune either, had stroll round all the little cobbled streets of the old town before few drinks at base bar, back in to pdb for few drinks in tantra before heading of knackered for early flight in morning

overall an amazing honeymoon on this still magical island.

highs, luciano at ushuaia, km5, sa capella,ibiza town

lows, space refit, licening laws, underground being empty, morrillo
Very helpful review, I was going to check out Underground on the Tuesday but might go on a Friday or Saturday instead after hearing that. Lol Eric Morillo ended his set with Lenny Kravitz in Escape in 01 or 02 (can't remember) he must like that tune a lot lol
Head over there 1th Aug for my 5th time. Ive never been to Km5 before but really like the sound of it. Where about is it? how do u book a table and how much roughly you gonna end up spendin there each?. Hopefully if we have bit money left wouldnt mind going here on our last night.
fantastic review bud...........
SPACE 100% with u mate fuking joke now, all they want is your money.....
the wee church, heading with the chick for a good meal this year been reading about it, supposed to be sweet , done the whole km5 sav etc etc and fancy a change
luciano was my best dj at WMC miami this year does he play in this wee club everyweek??????? really wanna see him as over from the 12th sep and he is not playing in the big clubs/money grabbing fukers?????????????
great review...was thinking of trying Underground the Saturday night but still torn between that and amnesia. even though Matinee at amnesia doesnt appeal much, i love the venue and think it may be the only chance we have to go and it feels wrong to go to Ibiza and not go there!

Was also planning a sunday night at Ushaiai and even more so now though im getting more and more wary about We Love! I didnt make it last year and swore i would go this time. We are there for the We love closing party and the line up is amazing and i'd hope it would at least be busy early on. we shall see.
Really good review man.

One thing though. You say you were on your honeymoon, but no talk of sex at all. Somethingg go wrong man?

Just playin glad you had a good time.
Head over there 1th Aug for my 5th time. Ive never been to Km5 before but really like the sound of it. Where about is it? how do u book a table and how much roughly you gonna end up spendin there each?. Hopefully if we have bit money left wouldnt mind going here on our last night.

its on the road to san jose mate and its named this due to the road from ibiza town. i booked through whiteisle.com. for me and the mrs we had 2 starters 2 mains shared a desert and 2 bottles of rose and that came to 166 euro, not to bad i reckon, like is aid the food and service was first rate and after the meal sitting in the gardens was class