Honey i'm back... closing parties madness 28/9/08 - 7/10/08


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Hello again!!! :lol:

After coming back from the peak time in Ibiza 3 weeks ago i'm going back again 3 more weeks to the closings of the closing parties!

12th time on the island and its just keeps getting better and better... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!

So who's with me? 8)
For the 12th time? respect!!!
It's good to see Israel has a solid representation on the party island :).

But still , from what I have read here , the guys from the UK have taken control over Ibiza, aren't they?
Israel has no solied representation in Ibiza, it's mostly me and Israeli people i know/drag with me... וטוב שכך

UK people has always been there in masses, or at least started floating ever since the early 90's
Many Irish can also be found on the island, being friendly,enjoying the craic and drinking bars dry while other nationalities either don't drink (think Italian pussys:lol:) and stand around posing or get drunk after a handful of beers although im sure your a top man for the drinking fusion;)