HOLY HOLY POO!!! Check this-->>



Hernán Cattáneo is going to be playing at DefMix/Pacha on the 6th!!

I don't know about you peeps, but I'm definitely major panty soup about that. I had been bummed that I wasn't going to get to see him for Sundays @ Space ('cos I ain't got the dough to stay THAT long)...and now I will feast on this little morsel of goodness my entire 13 hour plane trip.


I saw him this past April at the Coachella Music Festival (near Palm Springs, California)...and although he had a crap time to play, ergo, not the greatest crowd...he played a GREAT set...

Can't wait to hear him again...that sexy mutha...

Oh yeah...and check out his new site www.hernancattaneo.com. (I think it just launched a few days ago.)