Holiday Tunes...?


Tim Knight

Well it's come to the end of the season... I got back on Thursday and have to say i'm gutted after an amazing 2 weeks. What are your holiday tunes? Mine are

Sound of Violence - Cassius
So Much Love To Give - Together (Bangalter and DJ Falcon)
Insatiable - Thick Dick (Kid Creme & Junior Jack Mix)
Hypnotising - Kid Creme
Krystal K - Let's Get It Right
Changes - KOT
Blackwater - Octaive One
Fly With Me - Coloursound
You Me And The Music - Itaal Shur presents Milk & Honey
Fix My Sink - (Can't Remember Who)

Basically a whole lotta tunes carrying some great memories :D I wish i was back!

got a few different genres of music but

energy 52 - cafe del mar
paul oakenfold - southern sun
ralphie b massive

who da funk - shiny disco balls
thick d - insatiable
underworld - 2 months off
together - 2 much love to give
Hi fellas,

I have to agree that tunes like "2 Months Off" and "Shiny Disco Balls" have become anthems. There´s also "Contemplation", "Safe From Harm", "Insatiable" and of course "Love Story"...

... BUT there are two tunes that just made it for me, they´re printed in my heart and will take me back instantly every time I hear them...

"So Much Love To Give" (tks Tim !)
and "Sunshine", by Tomaz vs. Filterheads
Oh...such a great tune! Got it the other day and played it out and just had the biggest 'holiday memories smile' on my face all the way through!