Adam Moore


After months of browsing the board and years of viewing this site, i've decided to sign up to the message board.

Think I know a couple of usernames on here, namley Barbie and N8 from the old Babooshka msg board (aka The Lounge) (I'm Adam from there)

Flying out tomorrow, via. Madrid. Well, ya know! Not gonna say no to seeing another city etc.

After going out for 10 days in 2001, three times last yr (once for the day!) it'll be my fith time this weekend. Woohoo.

Just wanted to know how I go about renting the appartments above Coastline. - If anyone could help me out on this i'd be extremely appreciative.

Also, i'm hiring a car this yr thru' Holiday Autos. Have asked for a compact 4dr with a/c as I couldnt get a convertable. Does anyone know what car i'm likely to get, is it an Astra?

Adam xx
Yeah I know the Adam :p :D ;)

Last thing I knew about Coastline was that all the apartments were bought and then rented out independently thru estate agents, we asked at Coastline one night but this was year it opened so don't know if they've got letting company in since then.

As for cars, not fit to drive in Ibiza so never go down that road.

Enjoy matey :D

Are you back for Closings :p ;)
A mate of mine was staying in one the apartments above Coastline last year and I stayed there one night. They are SO noisy. The music sounded like it was coming from inside the apartment. I swear he had to put earplugs in when he got back from a night out cos they turn the music on at midday while he was still in bed. Great views of the sunset though.

By the way, hey there Adam, welcome to the board. :D
Hi Adam, and welcome.

Hope you have a good holiday matey, look forwrad to hearing all about it when you get back.

Well, I reckon come Sunday I won't be fit to drive the car either. Oh well! I'm hoping I can put my foot down tomorrow evening to catch my mate play at the Windmill.

Re: Coastline. - I'll stay away then! Have seen Barbie's review of Es Vive and I think I know where i'm gonna be staying next year. :)

Closing.. If all goes to plan, i'll be out for Space & DC10 closing at the end of September. Will only be for that weekend.

Looking forward to chilling at Cala D'hort and getting twisted at Pin-Up with Lottie and Co on the decks on Saturday :D
We booked the same car group with Holiday Autos last year and got a Seat Cordoba from Europcar/Betacar. If you are collecting from the airport I would really recommend that you go and sort the paperwork whilst someone else waits for your bags - otherwise you can be there ages.

Have a great time... ;) ;)