Hola everyone!!


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Hi to everyone, I've been head down, bum-up working my ass off in Sydney Australia in order to make it to Ibiza for the 5th time.(Originally from the UK but on a tax friendly ex-pat style job here,te-he!)

Well finally booked see you all there on the 20th September, one day after a non stop flight from Oz and 3 days from my birthday!

I think this is post number 2,time to start sharing some Ibiza knowledge or what I can remember!

Of anyone who has been this year, what suggestions would make the 2nd time I have celebrated my birthday in Ibiza great?

Been over a couple of times this year, and I think Underground is pretty good - less beery than the rest.

Pacha Fridays is a big dissappointment.

Hope this helps!

Im hving my birthday at Creamfields this weekend! bring it on! :D