Hiring of decks/DJ equipment?


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Hey kids,

Anyone know if/where you can hire decks/mixer etc. on the island? :?:

Quite fancy banging out some tunes round our pool ... 8)


Thanks!! :D
that has been asked lots and lots and as far as i can tell there dosnt seem to be anywhere...sorry
I asked this same question about 2 months ago. No one knew where we could rent equipment unfortunatly.....

I cannot believe there is no place in town to rent. There's gotta be! :evil: :D
It's Ibiza fer chrissakes, there's gotta be places that hire!! :eek:

Methinks one or two parties may take place from time to time that need stuff hiring ... :rolleyes:

If not we may take our own stuff out there 8)
You have one chance and that's to find a friendly promotor and borrow his spare set.... All the clubs have their own systems but occasionally someone'll have back up..... I know there's a set out of the back of the Bahia hotel but they belong to the ministry of sound radio station!