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We just posted a message under the heading "Access For Teenagers" which, on second thoughts, probably ought to have been posted to you as opposed to the wider Spotlight community. It concerns our first ever visit to Ibiza in August 2003, staying in Playa d'en Bossa. Our query is whether there are any places (bars, restaurants etc) which are off limits to our sons because of their ages. When we arrive they will be 17 years old and 13 years old and we ask because we're not sure about licensing restrictions (if there are any) on the island.

Can you advise?

Thanks Phil & Janet Graham (UK)
there are laws which prohibit the consumption of alcohol by minors but not their entry into bars and restaurants etc. you should have no problems dining out or drinking in bars with family entertainment in them.
you may have a problem if you all go to the blue rose lap dance club though!
i'm sure you'll have a great holiday as many, many places cater specifically for families
your original post was just fine, and in the right place
Many thanks, Stephen. It's just what we thought but we're obliged for your confirmation.

Your site is a great source of information - not just for first timers like us but for historians and other researchers too. It's really well laid out and easy and logical to navigate. Well done! 8)

Phil & Janet Graham

PS: By the way.... where's that Blue Rose club you mentioned.....?

Phil :twisted:
FILMAR said:
where's that Blue Rose club you mentioned.....?

take a look :arrow: http://www.bluerose-ibiza.com ;)

<--- kids - this is not school disco!! :eek:

see you there? :lol:
Thanks for the info (and the web connection) McRackin. What started out as a piece of light banter has whetted not just my appetite but that of Janet too. I don't suppose you know, as professional photographers, how we might get permits to take photo's inside Blue Rose?

Phil & Janet Graham