Hernan Cattaneo - Perfecto South America


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How good is this? Total class, Cattaneo is so under-rated. Didn't think Perfecto would release such a quality, deep, driving album! :D


Released in may 2002 . i just got it. big talent. Keep spottin him. additionally satellites
is one of the most remarkable releases on perfecto collection 2.

Rich funk

Just saw this post, that cd is wicked - got it soon after it was out but it has been a regular feature in my stereo ever since, thems some fat tunes! Can't wait to see him live for the first time at creamfields this year :p


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Hernan Catteneo is my favourite DJ.

My boyfriend and I met him 2 years ago in Pacha, he chatted to us for ages and then asked us to go with him while he was DJing and asked for our opinion afterwards!!!!

Such a lovely bloke and such a good DJ.