Hernan Cattaneo - Perfecto South America


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How good is this? Total class, Cattaneo is so under-rated. Didn't think Perfecto would release such a quality, deep, driving album! :D
Released in may 2002 . i just got it. big talent. Keep spottin him. additionally satellites
is one of the most remarkable releases on perfecto collection 2.
Just saw this post, that cd is wicked - got it soon after it was out but it has been a regular feature in my stereo ever since, thems some fat tunes! Can't wait to see him live for the first time at creamfields this year :p
Hernan Catteneo is my favourite DJ.

My boyfriend and I met him 2 years ago in Pacha, he chatted to us for ages and then asked us to go with him while he was DJing and asked for our opinion afterwards!!!!

Such a lovely bloke and such a good DJ.