Here's a tune for you DJs!


A buddy of mine who goes by the moniker DJ Grad is up to 9th place on the Traxsource weekly essentials Tech House list.

Give him a listen, won't ya? Maybe play his song around town?

DJ Grad - Free Your Mind

I could be wrong, but seems to me it's very hard for the top Russian DJs to get their tunes out on international dance floors. PPK (Sergey Pimenov), the pop group A-Studio and Anton Kubikov's group SCSI-9 are the only break-outs that come to mind...
Morbyd, sounds good, will pass it on to the man on the decks/laptop :)
Will check out the tip from Olly too, as I have some time !
I have. Nothing wild or exciting for me........sorry.

Nothing wrong with it either and up there with everything thats out at the moment.