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im looking for an album with all this years summer hits, im looking at the bar m and defected in the house albums but is there anything else u would suggest heard the new subliminal albums crap so dont bother with that 1-any ideas
Take a look at
pete tong fashionTV

Its 2cds and i listened to the first and was pretty impressed. I was gunna buy it from holidays in santa eularia but i didnt have any cash on me at the time. I ended up thinking about getting it at the airport but i'm not paying 30 euro's from something that was 20 elsewhere. gunna try and find it over here i think.
got this cd... :confused: it's not the cd i advice to buy coz only a few nice tunes in cd 1 (cd 2 :x )
if u were my neighbour i will let u this cd @ 10e! 8)
el divino 2003 .. funky-latina-tribal house cd to buy in me ;) ( i got a lot of 2003 house funky cd )
ex sandy rivera in the house :confused:
ex r sanchez release yourself 2003 :confused:
bar m manumission :)
amnesia vol 8 :)
subliminal cds :confused:
amnesia vol 6 :x
pacha las tardes 2003 :confused:
Las Tardes, although a little on the cheesy side, is full of large tuneage from the island this summer.
i've got fashion tv now and its not bad, however is was released in march so you dont get some good tunes from the summer.