Right then you knowledgable lot, I need some help!

Gutted I can't make the white isle this year, and to top it all off i've found out i may be out of a job this time next year.

So i've made the decision that "I'm definately going to ibiza for the season, next year!"

And you can quote me on that!!!

I know it's a year away, but i've got it into my head now, and I just want to know what it's like?? Is it all it's cracked up to be??? How much money should I save?? Where are the best jobs and when should I think about applying for them?? How do I sort accomodation, where's the best and cheapest accomodation???

I know it's a year away, but I need to know now, then I can set my mind mind on it, start saving and planning!!!!


Thanks in advance

C xx 8)
Go for it, I spent the whole season there in 2000 and 2001 and it was the best thing I ever did. I took about a grand to cover living expenses for the first few weeks, first month’s rent/deposit etc. Basically the more money you have to go out with the better cos most of the wages are terrible and sometimes barely cover your rent so its better to have something to fall back on. (To pay for your flight home etc.)

you need to save as much as possible.

you should go out to the island around mid may and hunt for jobs...the 'best' jobs are in the bars, however i won't be easy! you'll get paid next to nothing and be expected to work all day and night.

anyone know about accomodation?
Robo said:
anyone know about accomodation?


This woman rents out LOADS of apartments in San Antonio. Some are completely disgusting others are rather nice. We rented a two bedroom apartment off her the 2nd year we were there. It was round in the bay (Pinet Mar) and it was lovely. Loads of workers stayed there.

Go to the ship at the top of the west end, and have a look at the notice board – there’s always loads of adverts for jobs and apartments of there.

And you can always go into actual estate agents, many of them usually have apartments to rent for the summer (this is what we did the first year). You will need a months rent in advance and a months rent for a deposit usually.
the white isle!!

ibiza for the season sounds like one hell of an idea as im goin repping with 18-30 next season. From a job point of view Nightlife in san an seemed to have the best rates of pay goin when we were there, its handing out flyers and pullin people in but its popular and shouldnt have 2 much of a problem in some where like that or play2, manumission are not bad payers as well, anyway take it easy, hope this is some use
The way things are looking I might not be going either this year as I've just bought a flat and I have zero money in my acount so it may be mr. credit card at the ready.

Anyway about Ibiza:

It is fab. I have been to loads of places and I can honestly say that it is my favourite and the only one I have wanted to return to straight away. The people are friendly (folk from all over the world just wanting to have a good time) and it is so chilled. Honestly, sat on Bora-Bora in the afternoon listening to Dj Gee and the waves whilst the planes go overhead, or watching the sunset out Mambo or Cafe Del Mar you rea\lly do forget all your troubles. When I went last year, I had just graduated and didn't have a job sorted but didn't worry about it at all as Ibiza made me forget all my worries.

As for money, as you can see from the previous posts on the topic you will get a highly varied response. If you want to go out to the big clubs every night and drink loads be prepared to pay for it, probably about £100 per night if you are a heavy drinker, if not more. However, I did it on £600 last summer for two weeks which I am very proud of (and surpised!) as I had an awesome time and did loads.

The memories you get from Ibiza will last forever. Sure there are some beer-boys in San An but on the whole everyone is sound. Only one street can bea problem and it is absolutely nothing like 'Ibiza Uncovered'. Some of my pals still mock me for going to Ibiza but they are the ones missing out!

I hope this helps.
Kittens head, know what you mean about people presuming ibiza is full of beerboys like on ibiza uncovered!

I went last year, that's why i wanna go back to do the season :)

I saw alot of the island, ibiza town, salina's, cala jondel, I went to the hippy market and chilled on bora bora:) :) :)

And those sunsets, seeing the last sunset before we left brought a tear to my eye, I still get chills down my spine thinking about it :)

Ibiza changed my life, and i only went for a week. But next year i'm gonna do the whole summer :)

Cheers people, you've been loads of help!

Ibiza-girlie said:
how much are those apartments and for how long can you rent them for???

The ones from the estate agent vary in price depending on whether you’re looking for something basic or something more up market. Both years ours was around 200-300 Euros (I think – we were still on pesetas at that point) a week. And they were really nice apartments (complete palaces when compared to some of the apartments other workers were staying in) they had air conditioning and a washing machine etc and the one the 2nd year even had a dishwasher.

With Maggie, she makes you take a contract to rent the apartment til the very end of the summer. If you leave earlier then you don’t get your deposit back (not many people actually do stay until the very end so this is how she makes lots of money)

With the estate agents I think you can rent apartments/villas long or short term, you just let them know how long you’re going to be there, whether it’s one month or five months and then you just pay your rent monthly.