hey all!going to ibiza on 10th to 24th august.went last year at same time and did not really venture further than the pool cos of bad heads!can any one help me on whats good to do through the day,i.e. good beaches etc.
cheers all. deano
cheers mate!well helpful that one!did it all through the night last year and ignored the day!come on mate give us a clue!
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there are lots of things to do during the day, jet skiing, para-sailing....and as for beaches, the world is your oyster!! salinass, bora bora, cala d'hort, the list is endless....

are you getting a car out??
more than likely,there is a fair few of the lads that drive so would imagine so.
in that case just get in a car and'll come across some beautiful beaches......
Beaches Peaches
Ok Try Benirras as its jolly nice and not too busy either
Also a beach i like is cala vadella, its not as quiet as some other beaches but it has great scenery surrounding the beach and has nice little cafe nearby.
I havn't been there since 99 so i'm hoping much hasn't changed
Salinas is nice and its near to where we are staying just a short ride away on the bus.
Ive been to others but i don't know there names.
Try looking Outside the main resorts not in the resorts.
If you have a car drive around.
Or do the mystery bus tour where you get a bus to a random beach that you know nothing about, you can have some nice surprises.
there are so many things to do... 8)

you should go to bora bora (beach playa d'en bossa), next to the jet apartments, you can have nice drinks there and dance to the music!!

then space on sunday!!!

some hippie markets...punta arabi (es cana) wednesday! But please be there early!!!!! Otherwise it is so hot and there are lots of tourists!!

las salinas (it is a must!)
cala vadella (it is nice)

drive across the island and relax at different nice places...
Try the sister island Fortmertera (if spelt right), from what I saw when I was there, the beaches were quality, big but quality, plus there ain't very many tourist there. getting there, there are boats from Ibiza town port I think but that's another question to ask cuz I didin't get the boat from there.

Also hire mopeds to get round the island, it's the best thing I've ever done out there. Sorted.